so, how did the judge kill the kid?

Patrick Shaw in The Kid’s Fate, The Judge’s Guilt suggests the judge sodomizes the kid in the jakes at the end of BM. But that doesn’t ring cruel enough to strike awe among men already numb to violence, or me for that matter. Homo-eroticism is prominent in BM – men hold hands like lovers, they fall asleep in each others arms, the kid is once casually perceived as a male whore, none of which causes a stir. Rape in all its forms is also rampant. One little girl is chained naked by the neck to a wall, and at the lake-side massacre, gang members raped dead or dying male and female bodies, which implies some-unspeakable-thing else happens at the jakes.

the judge's kill hannibal style

The judge gave up on trying to claim the kid in his final play in the desert. Now his only desire is to kill him, most likely with more flare than we’ve seen so far in BM. I think he smothered him or crushed his head with his bare hands, an act he performed at least once in the desert, then skinned him and left his body strung as evidence, Hannibal Lecter style, in the jakes. The kid is finally relieved of his 9th life.

But maybe that’s the evil talking. What’s your take?


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