13 weeks, 13 books

where is that 13th book?

…well, not quite.

I’m still struggling with An American Tragedy, so make that 13 weeks, 12.667 books. And while I can read ‘a book a week’, reading ‘a book and organizing my thoughts on it a week’ is more tricky, so the blog is lagging, but I’ll catch up.

Three months in and I’m still thrilled. I’ve checked so many great novels off The List that I’ve decided to make a reading blog a permanent fixture. There has been 1, maybe 2 real stinkers, but there are 5 in the pool room, very soon to be 7, so it’s happy trails all round.

I may need a bigger pool room.

happy reading, mes amis!


4 responses to “13 weeks, 13 books

  1. I was thinking you might spend a year reading books recommended by friends and family – stretch your boundaries! This list would, of course, also include Stormdancer, naturellement.

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