the big sleep

The Big Sleep, (1939) -a wisp of a book compared to some of the heavies I’m reading- according to Wikipedia is a hardboiled whodunit starring Phillip Marlow, a no-nonsense detective once played by none other than Humphrey Bogart in the classic  1946  film noir adaptation. This little story has inspired the comic genius of the irrepressible Coen brothers in The Big Lebowski, 1998, and a 2007 (yet to be fulfilled?) collaboration between the legendary Frank Miller and Clive Owen, set to play the intrepid sleuth.

miller directs owen as marlowe (?)

I’m typically not a fan of detective stories, except maybe Sherlock Holmes since it’s so camp, can’t bear the suspense, but with credits like these I can’t go past The Big Sleep. So I’ll suffer the stomach churns and heightened paranoia for you, Raymond Chandler.

Besides, have I mentioned it’s a short book? I got some catchin’ up to do.


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