not a janeite

I’m having a hard time reading Atonement because of how pissed-off I am at this meddlesome, self-righteous bitch, Briony. I know she’s only 13, which is why she should:

  1. know better, or
  2. shut the fuck up!!!

The novel has me emotionally invested enough to have my heart racing during the letter exchange scene; then again, my heart races when I close my eyes in the shower.

I also have clear opinions on each character: Emily is a lazy bitch, Cee is a selfish bitch, Leon is an apathetic dick, Robbie is a stupid dick… I need to finish this book just to be done with it.

In all honesty, Atonement was doomed when I read the epigraph from Northanger Abbey: I’m not a huge fan of Jane Austen novels and that quote makes my blood boil.

I’d also refrained from watching the movie just so reading the novel would be the better, not a huge loss since the insufferable Keira Knightley- the it-girl of English period movies- plays Cee.

Imagine my disappointment at go. Sad face.