george v. jonah

two words: blistering commentary

I’ve just finished Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, by George Orwell, 1946. What a powerful little classic. I’ve read it before as a teenager and will be encouraging The Mix-Master and Rocket to read it when they’re older, it really is a must-read.

Orwell spent much time using the biblical Jonah to demonstrate the peril of passivity and extrapolates this idea in his novels: In Animal Farm, the animals, like Jonah, allow themselves to be swallowed whole by the whale that is Napoleon’s avarice. Their lack of resistance is complicity in the demise of Animal Farm/nation. Boxer positively exceeds Jonah’s obedience – he requests permission of Napolean/Idi Amin or any other despot, the culprit who’d sicced his private army of dogs on him in the first place, to fight back. If the heart and soul of the nation is so witless, so unwilling to think for themselves, they are destined to perish.

Apathy and pessimism are equally dangerous. One can’t wait til one’s friend is consigned to the knackers like Benjamin, who was more than capable of teaching the others. One must speak up at first strike. One must protest. Protest is a vital sign of Nation.

There are other biblical allusions, one in particular I call the Apostles’ Greed. The pigs, like Moses and later the disciples, extrapolate old Major’s prophecy, condensing them into the ‘unalterable’ laws of Animalism, which they immediately pervert by stealing the milk, in much the same way Peter kills Ananias and Saffira. Both prophets’ ideals were meant for good, not theft and murder.

The laws/commandments continue to be systematically corrupted. Consider –Thou shalt not kill/No animal shall kill another animal-, yet the Purge and the Inquisition happened in the name of Animalism/Christianity. The question begs, would Jesus raze the church that Peter and Paul built if he saw it today, as it continues to amass wealth and cover-up crimes while so many followers live in squalour hoping for better conditions in Sugarcandy Mountain? Old Major would, which is why his skull is buried.

Snowball, the only one willing to see Major’s prophecy through, is the vilified Judas. The threat of rule under Jones/Lucifer is the eternal pit-fire of Hell. And there is the reverse Golden Rule: the 7 commandments/laws are denigrated into one harrowing maxim,


It is no surprise then that all vestige of Nation, the flag, the anthem, the hard fought name Animal Farm (Myanmar, anyone) is discarded, along with the bodies of ‘traitors’ and tales of heroes, to be replaced by a system that sates the greed of one fat pig.

Christianity is one of the oldest forms of totalitarianism. The Age

In support of this crooked order, small minds are ruled by fear, and lies are vigilantly maintained by the media, a.k.a Squealer and Minimus, in the same way Fox News does its work. The mindless sheep repeat the spin and drown out the truth, yanking mics off anyone in dissent. Protest is the hard choice.

In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell

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